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The Whole Truth About Disinfection (CEU 0.6)

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The Whole Truth About Disinfection is a detailed course aimed at operators in the water and wastewater industry, offering a comprehensive look at various disinfection methods. The course begins with a historical overview of water treatment, including the evolution of chlorine use and the introduction of alternative disinfection technologies. It delves into the specifics of chlorination, covering its functions, safety procedures, and the equipment required for using different forms of chlorine. Laboratory testing procedures are also reviewed, with a focus on avoiding common mistakes in analysis. The course then explores a range of alternative disinfection methods, such as onsite sodium hypochlorite generation, chloramination, ozone, UV light, chlorine dioxide, and more advanced techniques like membrane filtration and ultrasonic disinfection. In addition to discussing waterborne pathogens and chlorination equipment used in the utility industry, it provides insights into disinfection calculations. This course, valuable for both new and experienced operators, covers the essentials of disinfection and offers continuing education units (CEUs) for certification renewal in water treatment, water distribution, and wastewater treatment.


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