PMAP introduces a groundbreaking approach to addressing Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) in the mining industry, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainable and responsible mining practices. By innovating a smart ARD treatment technology, PMAP directly neutralizes mine water within ponds, using environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and biocompatible reagents. This method not only enhances safety but also facilitates the recovery of critical minerals such as nickel, cobalt, and copper, showcasing a significant leap in mining wastewater treatment.


PMAP is committed to leading the charge towards a sustainable future in mining. Through its advanced technology, the company aims to demonstrate the feasibility of harmonizing financial growth with ecological stewardship. By optimizing pH balance and minimizing the use of neutralization reagents, PMAP sets new benchmarks in the industry for environmental responsibility and economic efficiency.


PMAP's technology offers comprehensive benefits, including substantial capital and operational savings, a dramatic reduction in energy consumption, and a minimized environmental footprint. It empowers mines with the capability to produce metal-rich sludge, both within and outside the pond, without the extensive use of traditional treatment equipment. Furthermore, the technology simplifies operations by eliminating the need for pH adjustments and gypsum scaling, thanks to its innovative chemical formulation and smart reagent consumption.


PMAP's technology is a game-changer for the Canadian mining sector and beyond. Treating ARD and processing waters pose a significant environmental challenge globally. PMAP provides a cost-effective, agile, and transformative solution that not only addresses these challenges but also turns wastewater treatment into a value-creating activity. Through the use of an Unmanned Smart Dispensing Vessel (USDV) and a patented chemical formula, PMAP optimizes mining operations while ensuring environmental compliance and effectiveness.


PMAP stands as a beacon of innovation in the mining industry, offering a suite of services tailored to address the unique challenges of ARD and acidic tailing ponds. From conducting comprehensive process development tests and pilot plant studies to designing and operating full-scale treatment facilities, PMAP is equipped to meet the diverse needs of the mining sector. The company's commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence and mobile water treatment units exemplifies its dedication to providing practical, feasible solutions for tailing pond issues worldwide.

PMAP is redefining mine water treatment with a focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency. By transforming a traditionally costly and labor-intensive process into an opportunity for metal recovery and environmental protection, PMAP not only supports the future of responsible mining but also contributes positively to the broader goals of economic growth and ecological preservation.

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