Aqua Plan West

Aqua Plan West

Aqua Plan West, located in Timișoara, Romania, offers specialized services in water supply and wastewater treatment, guided by the expertise of Florin Batea, the Technical Director. Holding a Master's degree in the management and optimization of sanitary engineering systems and environmental protection, along with a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Politehnica University of Timisoara, Florin's educational background lays a solid foundation for his role.

He has led international projects in compliance with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) guidelines, demonstrating proficiency in the design, modeling, and optimization of water and sewer networks. His skill in conducting accurate cost and risk assessments ensures the high quality of projects from their initiation to completion.

Florin's career includes roles as a water/wastewater consultant engineer at ILF-Consulting Engineers and as a design engineer at SC Weber Romania SRL, where he developed design options, cost estimates, and hydraulic models for water supply and sewage networks. His leadership abilities were further showcased as the WWTP and Sewer Network Supervisor at NATO's Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, managing projects in compliance with European Union regulations.

His commitment to the advancement of the water supply and wastewater treatment sector is evident in his contributions to scientific publications and conferences. These activities highlight his dedication to professional growth and industry development.

At Aqua Plan West, Florin's leadership is characterized by a focus on pragmatic project management, technical expertise, and teamwork. His capacity to manage demanding projects and meet strict deadlines, while promoting team cooperation, underscores the company's ability to deliver effective water management solutions. Located in Timișoara, Romania, Aqua Plan West, under Florin Batea's guidance, is r

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