Senior Design Engineer

Florin Batea, M.Eng., B.Eng.

Florin is a Senior Design Engineer with extensive global experience, combining strong academic grounding with hands-on expertise in water supply, wastewater treatment, and engineering.

Discover the exceptional skills and motivation of Florin Batea, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the field of water supply, wastewater treatment, and engineering. With a master's degree in management of optimization of sanitary engineering systems and environmental protection, backed by a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Politehnica University of Timisoara, Florin is equipped with a strong educational foundation that guarantees excellence.

  • Experienced water supply professional
  • Strong educational background
  • Expert in project management
  • International project leadership experience
  • Accurate cost and risk projections
  • Active in scientific publications

Florin's expertise shines through his achievements in project management, design, modeling, and optimization of water and sewer networks. As the Technical Director at SC Aqua Plan West SRL, he has led and coordinated successful international projects, specializing in project management and consultancy services compliant with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) guidelines. Florin's contributions encompass the design and implementation of water treatment plants (WTPs), wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), pressure sewer networks, and precise piping modeling for water networks. His proficiency in conducting accurate cost and risk projections ensures quality assurance throughout the project lifecycle.

Beyond project management, Florin has also excelled as a water/wastewater consultant engineer at ILF-Consulting Engineers where he developed design options and accurate cost estimates for water supply and wastewater utilities projects. Florin's proficiency extends to engineering assessments, comprehensive water resources planning and management evaluations, and the seamless implementation of computer models for water and sewer pressure networks.

In his previous role as a design engineer at SC Weber Romania SRL, Florin played conducted feasibility studies, designing hydraulic models for water supply and sewage networks, and ensuring the successful implementation of water supply and sewage works. His leadership as the WWTP and Sewer Network Supervisor at the NATO Afghanistan Kandahar Airfield demonstrated his ability to manage complex projects. Florin's responsibilities included overseeing daily operations, preparing operational reports, and ensuring compliance within European Union regulations.

Florin's dedication to his profession is evidenced through his involvement in scientific publications and conferences. He has contributed to research papers on various topics, such as the integration of pumping stations, optimization of filtration installations, and advancements in water supply and sewer network modeling. This demonstrates his commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in water supply and sewer networks modeling.

With a wide range of skills at his disposal, Florin possesses the unique ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. He is a natural team player, consistently motivated to learn, grow, and contribute to collective success. Florin's responsible and organized approach guarantees the achievement of goals and targets, while his professional demeanor ensures excellent adaptability in any environment.

Florin Batea represents a dynamic and persevering professional, bringing an exceptional blend of expertise and experience to the field of water supply, wastewater treatment, and engineering. His passion, technical knowledge, and remarkable management skills make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking effective solutions for water and sewer systems. Experience excellence with Florin Batea as your trusted expert.

Featured Projects

Dudestii Vechi, Romania

42 m3/h treatment system was completed in Dudeștii Vechi, Romania in 2021 focusing on addressing groundwater contamination issues caused by high levels of iron and manganese.

Dumbrăvița, Romania

A 320 m3/h treatment system was completed in Dumbrăvița, Romania in 2020 focusing on addressing the issue of groundwater contamination due to high levels of iron and manganese.

Uranium Removal

This project specifically targeted the removal of uranium from water sources by employing selective ion exchange technology.