Recens Minewater Consulting Services

Recens Minewater Consulting Services

Recens Minewater Consulting Services specializes in selecting the optimal treatment solutions for industrial water and wastewater challenges. Recens has built a reputation for delivering effective solutions both locally and internationally. With a global footprint covering 10 countries across 7 continents to assist 20 clients in navigating complex water treatment scenarios.

Recens has demonstrated expertise across a variety of project types, including mining wastewater discharge, construction environmental discharge, and environmental discharge, among others. Their services span from process development and basic design to pilot plant studies and full-scale operational implementation.

Recens' comprehensive expertise underscores their capability to manage a wide range of contaminants through various technologies including membrane filtration, ozone oxidation, ion exchange, air stripping, chemical precipitation, and Fenton's oxidation (AOP). Their experience includes the removal of arsenic, sulphate, chloride, selenium, radium, ammonia, total suspended solids (TSS), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and heavy metals like cobalt, copper, and zinc. Recens' approach is tailored to address the specific needs of each project, leveraging their extensive knowledge base to develop, test, and implement the most effective treatment strategies.

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