1823 Consulting

1823 Consulting

1823 Consulting is a Quebec-based engineering firm with a core focus on advanced water treatment solutions, catering especially to sectors with challenging environmental conditions. The company stands out for its adeptness in addressing complex water quality issues, leveraging a blend of scientific research and practical engineering approaches. Collaborating closely with clients, 1823 Consulting aims to optimize water treatment processes, thereby enhancing environmental sustainability and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Core Expertise in Water Treatment

The team at 1823 Consulting has developed a robust portfolio of services centered on the prediction, reduction, and treatment of water contaminants, including ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids, dissolved solids, heavy metals, cyanide, and its derivatives. This expertise is critical in mitigating environmental impacts and achieving operational excellence in various industries.

Advanced Treatment Technologies

1823 Consulting's technical capabilities encompass a wide range of modern treatment technologies and systems designed to meet the specific needs of challenging water treatment scenarios:

  • Ammonia Nitrogen Management: Specializing in the prediction, reduction, and treatment of ammonia nitrogen, employing both biological and chemical methods to achieve compliance with environmental standards
  • Decentralized Water Treatment Systems: Participating in the design and commissioning for numerous potable and sewage treatment systems for remote camps and communities
  • Solids and Metals Removal: Techniques for the effective removal of total suspended solids (TSS), total dissolved solids (TDS), heavy metals, cyanide, and derivatives, ensuring water quality meets stringent regulatory requirements
  • Innovative Treatment Systems: Expertise in designing, commissioning, and operating various advanced water treatment systems, including:
    • Geotextile dewatering bags for efficient solid waste management
    • Conventional and high-rate clarifiers for particulate removal
    • Moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) for enhanced biological treatment
    • Membrane processes, including reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, for fine particulate and dissolved contaminant removal
    • Breakpoint chlorination and ozonation processes for disinfection and oxidation of contaminants
    • Algae-based treatment systems for a natural approach to nutrient removal

Leadership and Innovation

Pascal Marcotte, Ing., P. Eng., M.Sc.A, is a key figure at 1823 Consulting, embodying the firm's commitment to excellence in water treatment engineering. With over a decade of experience, Marcotte's expertise covers an extensive range of technologies and methodologies vital to addressing complex environmental challenges, particularly in mine-impacted water treatment. Registered as a professional engineer in Nunavut and Quebec, his leadership and innovative approach have significantly propelled the company's capabilities forward. Marcotte's skill set includes advanced solutions like natural attenuation, high-rate clarifiers, moving bed biofilm reactors, membrane processes, breakpoint chlorination, and ozonation systems, underscoring his central role in the development and application of innovative water treatment solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

1823 Consulting's approach is built on a foundation of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development. By aligning closely with clients' objectives and leveraging a multidisciplinary team of experts, the firm ensures that all projects are executed with precision, safety, and environmental stewardship in mind.

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