Senior Engineering Consultant

Pascal Marcotte Ing., P. Eng., M.Sc.A

Leading Engineer in Water Treatment Solutions at 1823 Consulting

Pascal Marcotte, Ing., P. Eng., M.Sc.A, is a key figure at 1823 Consulting, bringing over a decade of specialized expertise in water treatment engineering. His dedication to addressing environmental challenges, particularly in mine-impacted water treatment, underscores his significant contributions to the field.

  • Demonstrated leadership and innovation in water treatment engineering
  • Expertise in a wide array of water treatment technologies, including moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR), high-rate clarifiers, membrane processes, and ozonation systems
  • Authored five publications on environmental issues, such as ammonia nitrogen removal and tracing the fate of nitrogen in mining environments
  • Registered professional engineer in Nunavut and Quebec, reflecting a commitment to upholding the highest standards of engineering practice

Pascal Marcotte has established himself as an integral member of the 1823 Consulting team since July 2022, serving as a Partner and Water Treatment Engineer. His career journey includes positions across various organizations, contributing to his broad expertise in water treatment solutions. Before joining 1823 Consulting, Marcotte's roles spanned from a Water Management Process Engineer to earlier experiences as a Sales and Proposals Director and Technical Advisor, further showcasing his diverse skill set.

Marcotte's academic achievements, combined with practical engineering experiences, have equipped him with a unique perspective on environmental challenges, particularly in the context of mine water management. His contributions to the field, evidenced by numerous publications and a master's thesis focused on innovative water treatment technologies, highlight his ongoing commitment to advancing environmental sustainability and operational excellence in water treatment practices.


Marcotte,P., Baechler, J., Gillman, M., Genty, T. 2023. Ammonia Nitrogen Removal by Enhanced Algae Growth – Case Study of a Subarctic Mine Site. Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum 2023 Convention, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Marcotte, P., Neculita, C. M., Cloutier, V., Bordeleau, G., & Rosa, E. 2022. Tracing the sources and fate of nitrogen at a Canadian underground gold mine. Applied Geochemistry, 142, 105238

Marcotte, P., Hodgins, B., Gillman, M. 2022. Investigating ammonia loading mechanisms at an underground gold mine. In Proceedings of Mine Water Solutions 2022 Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Marcotte, P., Aube, E., Dube, C., Neculita, C.M. 2021. Performance of microbubbles ozonation for the removal of nitrogen-based contaminants in mine impacted water. Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum 2021 Symposium on Mines and the Environment, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada.

Marcotte, P. 2020. Performance evaluation of pilot scale ozonation system for nitrogen-based contaminants removal in mine impacted water. Master’s thesis, Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering, Polytechnique de Montréal, Quebec, Canada, 129 p.

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