2022 Training in Nunavut

Almaquin Enterprises offers specialized training for water and wastewater treatment operators, focusing on practical skills and theoretical knowledge to meet industry standards and ensure effective facility management.

In 2022, Ross Pentney conducted training sessions in remote Nunavut communities, including Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay, and Grise Fiord, as part of his work with the Municipal Training Organization (MTO) for the Nunavut government. His efforts focused on instructing Small Systems Water Treatment courses, essential for the local water infrastructure. This included teaching in Grise Fiord, Canada's northernmost hamlet. His dedication extended to overcoming logistical challenges, such as a two-day delay in Resolute Bay due to adverse weather conditions. In February 2023, he continued his educational outreach by instructing courses in Cape Dorset and Kimmirut, emphasizing his commitment to enhancing water treatment skills in these crucial Arctic regions.

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