City of White Rock SOP Program

Assisted the City of White Rock in developing their water program by creating SOPs and LO procedures, provided daily remote process monitoring, troubleshooting support, and consultations for operational staff, demonstrating a blend of hands-on and remote management strategies.

City of White Rock

Assisted the City of White Rock with development of their water program through creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Lockout (LO) procedures. Working closely with operators, engineers, and contractors, Robin McLean gained a comprehensive understanding of the plant. Robin provided an average of one hour of remote process monitoring daily, alongside availability for troubleshooting calls, ensuring continuous oversight and ongoing support. His approach included both hands-on and remote management strategies to adapt to evolving needs and ensure the plant's successful operation. Throughout the project, Robin was readily available for operational staff consultations, offering his expert advice for troubleshooting and operational enhancement.

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