Elkford Valley Lodge

Analysis of camp services provider accommodation and catering costs.


Almaquin was commissioned by Teck to perform cost modeling for accommodation and catering. This task involved analysis of invoicing and walkdown logs, comparison against industry benchmarks, and a comprehensive review of the cost structure.

Key activities included compiling and examining camp service provider invoices, analyzing food costs, and assessing change order costs. Almaquin set up spreadsheets for invoicing and engaged in teleconferences to determine the path forward. Questions were streamlined into an Excel spreadsheet, providing clear, actionable feedback. A Consumer Price Index (CPI) analysis predicted inflationary impact on camp service provider pricing, demonstrating a proactive approach to cost estimation. This methodical approach influenced the preparation of Statements of Work (SOW), and Commercial Schedules, undergoing multiple revisions to ensure accuracy and alignment with client's requirements.

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