Facilities Maintenance Plan

Comprehensive approach to facilities maintenance, combining operational excellence, environmental responsibility, and customer service to maintain the lodge's functionality, safety, and comfort through open feedback and continuous improvement, ensuring the lodge remains a premier facility for its residents and visitors.

Canadian Natural Resources

Drafted a comprehensive Facilities Maintenance Plan (FMP) aimed at managing the maintenance of all structures, facilities, equipment, and systems within the lodge, adhering to specific guidelines for preventive and corrective maintenance. The mission of this plan was to deliver best value maintenance services with a transparent, customer-focused approach. Communication and feedback using open dialogue with clients, residents, and team members facilitated continuous improvement to enhance service delivery.

The scope of maintenance covered building structure, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, building management systems, life safety equipment, and kitchen and mechanical systems. Coordination responsibilities extended to overseeing work on communication systems, fire suppression systems, and emergency generators, ensuring seamless integration with site-wide services.

Exclusions from the plan's scope highlight areas of responsibility outside direct maintenance tasks, emphasizing collaboration with service providers for security systems, waste disposal, and utilities management. The organizational structure detailed in the plan outlined roles and responsibilities, from management to technical staff, ensuring a well-defined approach to facility maintenance.

Sustainability and environmental stewardship were core to the maintenance philosophy, with initiatives focused on reducing energy consumption, promoting recycling, and encouraging environmentally responsible behavior among staff and residents.

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