Garab Casse Jigjiga, Ethiopia

Water source assessment, quality testing, and community support.


Asmahan Rabo, of Needs4Water, has been significantly contributing to addressing water scarcity and quality issues in Jigjiga, Ethiopia. Located in the Somali region, this area is home to nearly 7 million people facing various humanitarian challenges. Needs4Water conducted a comprehensive assessment of water sources, including water quality sampling and testing using 16-in-1 test strips. The project also provided training on cleaning jerrycans and safe household water storage practices.

In 2021, Asmahan expanded her support to Jigjiga’s local community to improving overall quality of life. Thanks to the support of her foundation, family, and friends, who donated $3,300 CAD, Needs4Water supported over 100 families with water jerrycans, mosquito nets, dry food, and education on water collection and jerrycan cleaning. Moreover, financial support was extended to the most vulnerable individuals within the community, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to humanitarian aid.

There is an initiative to establish a center dedicated to training and nurturing women's skills, aiming to empower them economically and enable them to find sustainable sources of income. This initiative contributes to long-term community resilience and development.

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