North Warning System O&M Bid Response

Technical writer for a $592M, Operations and Maintenance services seven-year contract at 47 radar sites stretching from Labrador to the Yukon under the NWS.


Participated in the development and submission of a winning bid for the North Warning System (NWS) Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract spanning 5,000 kilometres from Yukon to Labrador. The scope includes hundreds of buildings, helipads, runways, and fuel tanks at 47 radar sites that require operation, repair and logistical support services to run at all times. This case underscores ability in successfully responding to complex RFPs.

Multiple iterations of Statement of Work (SOW) were thoroughly reviewed and annotated. These efforts contributed significantly to the proposal’s strength, mitigating potential risks and clarifying ambiguities. A kick-off call and early CONOPs working group discussion utilizing a digital whiteboard platform organized content, client intent, hot button issues, SWOT analysis, and competitor analysis into a cohesive and clear proposal. Regular conference calls were held with the client and key internal stakeholders to maintain clarity and and focus throughout the proposal development process. A RACI Matrix was developed to clearly define roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities. Response strategies were continuously updated, incorporating outline tables and making final adjustments to align with the client’s vision.

Serving as the technical writer, I developed and managed responses across multiple disciplines including project delivery services, facilities maintenance, engineering, service delivery regime, environmental services, and fire protection. This comprehensive approach ensured alignment with client objectives and standards. From the initial draft versions to the finalized technical plans, we iteratively refined each section. This diligence proved crucial in substantiating our solution and its benefits. Regular technical writers’ status meetings and workshops were instrumental in keeping the team aligned. A wide variety of materials, ranging from staff plans to real property documents, were reviewed and updated frequently to maintain coherence.

In the final stages, we conducted rigorous Pink and Red Team reviews to fine-tune the proposal. Amendments to sections were made promptly to accommodate new requirements or clarifications. All necessary files, graphics, and documents were uploaded and carefully reviewed.

Regular status updates and calls with Nasittuq ensured alignment and paved the way for the successful awarding of the contract. Through disciplined management, skilled technical writing, and meticulous planning, we have demonstrated our capability in meeting intricate client needs and ensuring long-term contractual relationships.

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