Pelican Lake Camp

Camp Facilities Coordinator responsible for contractor compliance with site approval and provincial legislation.

Canadian Natural Resources

In the role of Camp Facilities Coordinator, conducted an assessment on water and wastewater facilities of the newly acquired site and reported findings to senior management. Once the site was handed over to CNRL, ensured contractor compliance with both site approvals and provincial legislation. This included auditing camp service providers against Service Level Agreements, communicating technical procedures and safety issues, reviewing preventive maintenance plans, and monitoring service provider performance through a work maintenance management system. Liaison with the head office was part of the role, particularly regarding operational issues. Additionally, development of project scopes for infrastructure repair and upgrades was a key responsibility, working alongside corporate Health & Safety and Environment departments during project phases.

Regular meetings with on-site contractors facilitated communication of daily activities, expectations, and scope-of-work. Project oversight included a variety of tasks:

  1. Replacement of nanofiltration membranes for a potable water plant
  2. Installation of dormitories on existing pilings with necessary utility connections and access constructions
  3. Repair of aeration piping in a bioreactor requiring confined space entry
  4. Gym floor repairs due to damage from dropped weights
  5. Replacement of UV lamps in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
  6. Construction of stairs with a lockable gate to restrict access
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