South Brintnell Camp

Conducted water and wastewater infrastructure field assessments, developed RFP for utilities service provider, and continued as camp facilities coordinator.

Canadian Natural Resources

At South Brintnell Camp, a field assessment was conducted by a water and wastewater subject matter expert, leading to the development of technical sections for a Camp Facilities RFP. As Camp Facilities Coordinator, responsibilities included ensuring contractor compliance with regulations, auditing performance, and developing project scopes for infrastructure repairs and upgrades. A specific focus was placed on creating a new scope for potable water and wastewater treatment solutions, addressing issues like filtration sequence, the use of raw water for backwashing, and the placement of chlorine injection. Solutions proposed included reconfiguring plumbing to optimize the water treatment process, addressing galvanic corrosion caused by high water hardness, and the continual replacement of copper fittings.

A quote was received for the supply, installation, and commissioning of a 12.5m3 WWTP designed for harsh North American climates, featuring complete automation, pre-treatment, and a Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) for biological treatment. Despite the detailed evaluation and recommendation process, the camp's closure led to the decision against upgrading the treatment facilities.

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