South Kirby Camp

Conducted water and wastewater infrastructure field assessments, developed RFP for utilities service provider, and continued as camp facilities coordinator.

Canadian Natural Resources

Conducted a comprehensive field assessment at South Kirby Camp, serving as the subject matter expert (SME) for water and wastewater expertise during the transition of camp management reporting to centralized control as opposed to site operations. Following this assessment, findings were reported to senior management, leading to the assignment of writing the water and wastewater technical sections for a new Camp Facilities Request for Proposals (RFP). The role then expanded to Camp Facilities Coordinator, focusing on ensuring contractor compliance with both site approval and provincial legislation. This position entailed auditing the performance of camp service providers through Service Level Agreements, communicating technical programs, procedures, and safety-related issues.

The preventive maintenance plans were reviewed, and the performance of service providers was monitored through their work maintenance management systems. There was active liaison with the head office concerning operational issues, and development of project scopes of work required for infrastructure repair and upgrades. Collaboration with corporate Health & Safety and Environment departments was essential during the preliminary, execution, and completion phases of each project. Regular meetings with on-site contractors were held to communicate daily activities, scopes-of-work, and expectations.

Scopes of work were created for various projects, including the acquisition of budgetary quotes for a nanofiltration potable water treatment plant (WTP) designed for 500 people, based on supplied raw water chemistry results and site requirements. Projects overseen included the installation of a roof access door, anchors for roof railings, a utilidor for a sewer line, a line from the potable WTP backwash water directly to the effluent field, and cold weather vents for Rinnai on-demand heaters.

Created project scope and oversaw the construction of a new effluent field and the replacement of worn flat membranes, along with repairs to high-pressure feed pumps. This involvement in various projects from inception to completion demonstrates a comprehensive approach to addressing complex technical challenges, ensuring regulatory standards, operational requirements, and safety protocols were met, thereby sustaining facility operations effectively.

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