Southport Data Management

KPI Reporting and analysis through FlightPRO database revamp and custom reporting solutions.

KF Aerospace

Almaquin engaged in a project with KF Aero to refine the presentation of key performance indicators (KPI) derived from the FlightPRO training log database. The initiative centered on streamlining reporting spreadsheets to best reflect training metrics and flight times.

The endeavor commenced with a strategic on-site meeting to delineate reporting objectives with stakeholders to establish project scope and deliverables. Subsequent to this discussion, Almaquin affirmed the efficacy of the existing reports and collaborated on the Quarterly report, focusing on the development of robust reporting formulas. This phase was bolstered by a summary meeting with the entire project team, followed by a verification call to confirm that the revisions were executed accurately.

Almaquin proffered several strategic recommendations aimed at elevating the client's reporting capabilities. These included the:

  1. Creation of a Dashboard, offering a high-level view of daily training and flight metrics. Almaquin offered to present multiple software solutions, catering to the client’s specific requirements.
  2. Design a flexible reporting system, allowing users to generate custom reports by selecting various parameters and timeframes. This innovation would facilitate ad hoc reporting and trend analysis.
  3. Introduce a method for randomizing standard exams, including an analysis of question difficulty based on percentage of correct answers and response time. This information would be used to align with determining the optimal number of questions to meet learning objectives.
  4. Analyze completion times for computer-based training (CBT)to accurately forecast course durations, aiding in efficient scheduling and resource allocation.
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