William Head WWTP

Almaquin to operate Class 3 WWTP at William Head, mentoring inmates for wastewater careers.

Correctional Service Canada

Situated approximately 25 kilometres southwest of Victoria on Vancouver Island’s southern tip, the William Head minimum security facility has been operational since 1959 and accommodates up to 200 male inmates. Its unique design features residential-style living with five neighbourhoods, each comprising four duplexes to foster a community atmosphere. William Head offers a range of educational, correctional, and vocational training programs. A key objective of Almaquin’s contract is to mentor inmates interested in pursuing careers as wastewater treatment operators.

The institution is committed to rehabilitation and skill development, offering a broad spectrum of educational, correctional, and vocational training programs. This approach facilitates the inmates' successful reintegration into society by equipping them with valuable skills and qualifications.

Almaquin Enterprises Limited will undertake the operation of the facility's Class 3 wastewater treatment plant. In addition to operational responsibilities, Almaquin will provide mentoring to inmates who express interest in developing careers as wastewater treatment operators. This initiative aligns with the facility's rehabilitative and educational objectives, offering inmates practical skills and vocational training in a critical infrastructure sector.

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