Woodenhouse Lodge

Conducted water and wastewater infrastructure field assessments, developed RFP for utilities service provider, and continued as camp facilities coordinator.

Canadian Natural Resources

Initially, a field assessment was conducted to evaluate the water and wastewater systems, with the findings reported to senior management. This led to the assignment of writing the technical sections for a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for camp facilities, highlighting a central role in shaping future operations.

As a Camp Facilities Coordinator, the focus was on ensuring contractor compliance with site approvals and provincial legislation. This role involved auditing the performance of camp service providers against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), communicating technical programs and safety procedures, and reviewing preventive maintenance plans. Operational issues were managed in liaison with the head office, and project scopes for infrastructure repair and upgrades were developed, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to facility management.

Collaboration with corporate Health & Safety and Environment departments was essential throughout the project phases, ensuring alignment with safety and environmental standards. Regular meetings with on-site contractors facilitated clear communication of daily activities, project scopes, and expectations, further emphasizing the coordinator's role in operational oversight.

Specific minor project work overseen included:

  • Installing a chain and hoist for the KDR Loading door.
  • Providing an A-frame for hoist placement to safely raise the lift station pump.
  • Replacing roof vents with materials suitable for cold weather to prevent condensation.
  • Constructing fencing around the grease bin to deter animals.
  • Replacing insulation and heat trace on 100 feet of 8-inch sewer main adjacent to a dorm.
  • Installing rail guards along the roof perimeter for safety.
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