Yeka Kindergarten and Elementary School

Addressing water scarcity and educational needs in Ethiopia, leveraging her multilingual skills and Ethiopian residency to enhance water quality efforts and committing to tutorial support for English education gaps, while planning collaborations on water projects and engaging as a guest speaker in local schools.


Asmahan Rabo, who operates Needs4Water, focuses on water scarcity and educational improvement in Ethiopia and Africa. She met Dr. Daniel Digafie and Dr. Tsion Assefa during an Ethiopian New Year event in 2023. Asmahan, fluent in English, Swahili and Somali combined with a residence permitting Ethiopia, positions her uniquely to contribute to water quality improvementefforts in East Africa.

Asmahan visited Yeka Kindergarten and Elementary School in Addis, Ababa, identifying a significant need for basic English support among grade 8 students. She created a questionnaire revealing that over 75% of these students required assistance with English. After analyzing regional exams from the past six years, she committed to providing tutorial support to address this educational gap.

Asmahan also plans to collaborate with Bego-Sitota Charitable Org on a water project. She engaged as a guest speaker at the school, drawing keen interest from the students. She values the time spent at the school and looks forward to more sessions before returning to Canada. Those interested in supporting her water projects can connect with her at her office near Wollo Sefer.

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