Water / Wastewater Professional

Abraham Assaf

Abraham is a Level II certified water and wastewater professional, with 16 years of experience and a commitment to safety, efficiency, and proficiency in diverse treatment systems and operations.

Abraham Assaf is an experienced water and wastewater treatment professional based in northern Alberta. With over 16 years of industry and field experience, he holds Level II certifications in Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, and Wastewater Collection from AEPA.

Throughout his career, Abraham has developed an understanding of various water treatment plant systems, including conventional, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis (R/O), and green sand filtration. In the wastewater field, he has experience with membrane bioreactors (MBR), activated sludge systems, rotating biological contactors (RBCs), moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), and sequence batch reactors (SBRs). His operational experience includes:

  • Performing daily checks
  • Regulating permeate quality and production
  • Analyzing instrument readings
  • Troubleshooting and resolving distribution issues in pumping systems
  • Handling chemical supplies
  • Evaluating and maintaining equipment
  • Monitoring SCADA equipment
  • Conducting water and wastewater sampling
  • Maintaining result records
  • Preparing annual reports

Abraham is proficient in working with mechanical equipment in both shop and field environments. He is experienced in: 

  • Making corrective actions on equipment
  • Handling water distribution system service installations and emergency repairs
  • Conducting wastewater collection system maintenance
  • Installing, repairing, and maintaining pumps
  • Startup and commissioning water and wastewater systems 
  • Retrofitting existing membrane filter systems

With certifications in First Aid and CPR, WHMIS, Fall Arrest, Trenching, H2S, PST, and a Class 3 Driver's License with no demerits, Abraham demonstrates his commitment to safety and preparedness for any situation. He conducts daily safety meetings, performs safety and compliance duties, provides training and mentoring to new operators, and documents safety procedures and specific job tasks.

Abraham participated in an international student conference and submitted a 15-page essay on E-technology within the Drilling industry at the 2005 Education Without Borders in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Motivated and driven, Abraham approaches challenges with a positive mindset. His exceptional track record, highlighted by outstanding performance evaluations and praise from superiors, showcases his ability to carry out job tasks and duties safely and efficiently. As a dedicated team player, he fosters strong relationships with colleagues and client, creating a collaborative work environment.

Abraham Assaf is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency. If you are seeking a skilled water and wastewater treatment professional to contribute to the success of your organization, connect with Almaquin Enterprises today. Explore how Abraham's expertise can make a valuable impact on your projects.

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