Diane Brayman, B.A., B.Ed.

Diane brings expertise in editing, formatting, and proofreading large scale technical proposals, in collaboration with subject matter experts and writers. She has an extensive background in public education and administration, including management roles in parliamentary and legislative environments.

Diane Brayman is an accomplished senior editor with comprehensive expertise in editing and proofreading large-scale proposals in collaboration with writers, technical experts, and project leads. Equipped with a solid grounding in public administration and education, she specializes in thorough text and graphic reviews, ensuring technical accuracy, compliance, grammatical precision, and proper formatting. Diane’s proficiency extends to working collaboratively with various stakeholders, such as writers, technical experts, and project leaders. Her bilingual capabilities (English and French) complement her pan-Canadian experience in liaising with government departments at multiple levels. Diane’s notable contributions include coordinating teams, project management, and overseeing procurement initiatives.

Diane’s foundational career steps include professional development roles with Alberta Teachers’ Association, administrative and teaching capacities at St. Albert Schools, and teaching and curriculum development at Edmonton Public Schools.

Diane's exemplary contributions have been recognized with awards from the Association of Professional Executives, Public Service of Canada, and honors from the Speaker of the Senate and House of Commons, among others.

Featured Projects

SkyAlyne's FAcT Bid Response Editing

SkyAlyne was announced as Canada's preferred bidder for providing RCAF aircrew training over the next 20 years.

Bid Response

North Warning System O&M Bid Response Editing

Proposal editor for a $592M, Operations and Maintenance services seven-year contract at 47 radar sites stretching from Labrador to the Yukon under the NWS.

Bid Response