Senior Consultant

Eric Lannegrace

Managing Director at Minera Environmental Solutions

Dedicated to enhancing the Canadian mining sector’s environmental sustainability through advanced water treatment solutions. Eric Lannegrace offers a rich background in business development, adept at pairing mining operations with essential water treatment technologies to meet stringent quality standards.

  • Represented major water and wastewater treatment manufacturers to introduce solutions to the mining industry
  • Led initiatives to adopt advanced water treatment technologies within the Canadian mining sector, enhancing both discharge and incoming water quality standards across numerous mining operations
  • Played a pivotal role in supporting organizational transformation, leveraging creativity and innovation to foster a culture of continuous improvement
  • Showcased exceptional business development skills, contributing significantly to the success in both industrial and municipal markets through strategic initiatives and partnerships
  • Achieved remarkable sales growth by securing new clients and refining sales processes, demonstrating a strong capability in business expansion and stakeholder engagement

Eric Lannegrace, as the Managing Director of minera since July 2019, has played a crucial role in transforming the Canadian mining sector's approach to environmental management. Focused on equipping the industry with advanced water treatment solutions, his initiatives have markedly improved both discharge and incoming water quality standards across various mine sites. By establishing strategic partnerships, Eric has ensured compliance with rigorous environmental standards and set new benchmarks for water quality management in mining operations. His leadership and commitment to environmental excellence have positioned minera as a key player in advancing sustainable practices within the mining industry.

Before founding minera, Eric's impactful contributions as a Business Development Consultant in the mine water sector laid a solid foundation for his future achievements. His deep understanding of the industry’s needs, combined with his ability to establish pivotal partnerships, positioned him as a leader committed to promoting and implementing leading-edge water treatment solutions. This experience not only highlighted his capability to tackle complex challenges but also his dedication to advancing environmental sustainability within the mining industry.

Eric's career in environmental and business development is grounded in a robust educational background, comprising an MBA from HEC Montreal and a Master's degree in Environment from Université de Sherbrooke. His initial roles in sales and technical support, particularly in water treatment technologies, have been instrumental in shaping his expertise. This blend of academic achievement and practical experience has enabled Eric to make significant contributions towards sales growth, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability within the mining sector. His journey underscores a commitment to leveraging his knowledge and skills for a positive impact on the industry and the environment.

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