Office Administrator

Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer is a versatile office administrator adept at independent work and team support. With experience in streamlining operations and project oversight, she excels in communication, HR tasks, and quality assurance. Jennifer's skills in software tools and relationship-building enhance Almaquin's operations.

Jennifer stands out for her autonomous problem-solving and team leadership. Her experiences range from streamlining operations to managing site projects, demonstrating proficiency in tools like Google Suite and Office 365. At Almaquin, her commitment to quality, effective communication, and relationship-building significantly bolsters our operational efficiency.

  • Supports and trains diverse teams
  • Ensures safety, quality, and compliance in operational roles
  • Streamlines office operations efficiency
  • Organizes tasks to enhance administrative effectiveness
  • Boosts sales and improves customer engagement
  • Coordinates projects to ensure timely progression

A distinguished graduate of Trident Technical College, Jennifer's academic achievements, marked by placement on the Dean's List, paved the way for a multifaceted career.

Jennifer's ability to streamline office operations, coupled with her skills in client communication, data management, and functional coordination, makes her an invaluable asset. Her multitasking prowess are evident as she balances HR tasks, improving workflows and enhancing productivity.

Jennifer’s experience as a Site Manager underscores her proficiency in project oversight, from maintaining critical communications to overseeing vendor schedules. Her dedication to quality assurance, safety compliance, and efficient operations mirrors the ethos of Almaquin.

As a former Guest Services Manager, Jennifer consistently delivered exceptional customer service, leading to notable improvements in guest satisfaction. Her knack for coordination ensured seamless operations, from recruiting the right talent to ensuring they were well-trained.

Given her proficiency in tools like Google Suite, Office 365, and WordPress, combined with a diverse skill set ranging from event coordination to data entry, Jennifer is a testament to versatility. At Almaquin, her commitment to relationship-building and efficient time management ensures effective operations.

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