Senior Consultant - Automation and Controls

Jeremy Warren

Versatile Electronics Technologist Specializing in PLC, SCADA, and Radio Telemetry Systems

Jeremy Warren is a highly skilled electronics technologist with a strong focus on PLC and SCADA system programming, design, and implementation. His comprehensive knowledge in control systems, along with an adeptness in software and hardware design, positions him as a valuable asset in automation and control projects.

  • Founder and manager of White Pacific Services Inc., offering specialized PLC programming solutions across a wide range of platforms, including Rockwell Automation and SCADAPack
  • Proficient in designing and implementing SCADA and radio telemetry systems
  • Skilled in various programming languages, including C, C++, and Assembly, with capabilities in PCB design using CADSoft Eagle and Protel
  • Demonstrated expertise in web and graphic design, enhancing project visualization and interface design
  • Strong customer service and interpersonal skills, coupled with a proactive approach to tackling new challenges
  • Led and managed teams of up to 22 programmers, showcasing strong leadership and project management skills

Jeremy Warren is a versatile and highly skilled electronics technologist, with a pronounced focus on programmable logic controllers (PLC), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and radio telemetry systems. His career path demonstrates a strong dedication to automation and control technologies, complemented by a deep-seated expertise in software and hardware design. Jeremy's entrepreneurial spirit is evident through his establishment of White Pacific Services Inc., a firm that contracts to notable automation companies and maintains a robust client base on Vancouver Island.

At the heart of Jeremy's professional journey is his proficiency in PLC and HMI programming, where he applies his knowledge across a multitude of platforms including Rockwell Automation, SCADAPack, and Modicon, among others. This expertise extends to SCADA and radio system design and implementation, underpinning his capacity to develop comprehensive control and monitoring solutions. Jeremy's programming proficiency in Ladder Logic, Function Block, and several others, allows him to tackle a wide array of programming challenges.

Beyond his technical prowess, Jeremy brings to the table a solid foundation in PCB design, utilizing tools such as CADSoft Eagle and Protel, further highlighting his capacity to oversee projects from conception to completion. His role as a manager at both White Pacific Services Inc. and previously at LiveWire Automation Inc. showcased his ability to lead and inspire teams, managing up to 22 programmers and driving projects to successful outcomes.

Jeremy's commitment to excellence is also reflected in his educational background, having graduated from Camosun College with a notable GPA and supplemented by a series of relevant certifications that attest to his dedication to safety and professional development. His experience spans from electronics maintenance in marine environments with the Canadian Coast Guard to instrumental roles in environmental services and energy services, underscoring a career defined by diversity and continuous learning.

Jeremy's approach to his work is characterized by an eagerness to embrace new challenges and a quick adaptability to learning. Coupled with excellent customer service and people skills, he stands out as a technologist who not only excels technically but also in fostering positive relationships with clients and colleagues alike. In an era where automation and control technologies play a pivotal role across industries, Jeremy Warren is distinctly positioned as a professional capable of driving innovation and efficiency through his technical expertise and leadership qualities.

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