Certified Water Professional

Monika Hudská, M.Sc., B.Sc., CWP

Monika Hudská holds a comprehensive background in water treatment operations strengthened by laboratory experience from both Canadian and Czech academic institutions.

Monika Hudská is proficient in both laboratory and field operations relating to water treatment activities. Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated hands-on experience combined with a thorough understanding of water-related regulations and standards. Monika's expertise is complemented by her engineering aptitude and a strong set of analytical skills, ensuring both efficiency and safety in all water-related operations.

  • M. Sc. in Chemistry and Technology of Fuels
  • Demonstrated experience in the daily operations of water treatment facilities
  • Supervised the water quality and quantity monitoring programs
  • Presented at international academic conferences across Europe and Asia
  • Fluent in both Czech and English

Monika, representing Almaquin Enterprises as a Certified Water Professional, combines a solid academic background with practical experience in water treatment and quality assurance. Having graduated from respected institutions, Monika's knowledge is grounded in both laboratory and field operations related to water and wastewater processes.

In her role, Monika has demonstrated competence in the operation of water treatment facilities, especially with direct filtration technology and the Actiflo treatment process. She prioritizes the safe operation of these facilities, consistently emphasizing routine equipment inspections and accurate chemical lab analyses.

As a Senior Water Quality Lead, Monika supervised water quality and quantity monitoring programs. Her responsibilities included monitoring bacteriological blooms, conducting dam inspections, and creating monthly and annual water quality reports.

Monika's contributions to research are notable. At the Research Centre Řež in Husinec, she focused on the sorption of heavy metals, using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Her findings were presented at international conferences in Europe and Asia.

She also has a firm grasp on the regulations governing water supply, treatment, and the environment, ensuring her operations meet industry standards. On the technical front, Monika is proficient in the Microsoft Office suite, using it for various research projects, technical reports, and educational lesson plans.

Monika's education includes a Water Engineering Technology diploma from Okanagan College and an MSc from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Her ability to communicate in both Czech and English further enhances her value, facilitating effective communication across teams.

Monika brings a comprehensive skill set to Almaquin Enterprises, ensuring quality and efficiency in the realm of water treatment. Her blend of academic and practical expertise positions her as a reliable figure in the industry.

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