Water / Wastewater Professional

Nathan Vis

Certified Engineering Technologist and Water/Wastewater Professional with Comprehensive Risk and Environmental Management Skills

Nathan Vis is a certified engineering technologist specializing in water and wastewater management, boasting a robust background in risk, environmental management, and health and safety practices. With his strong industry knowledge, effective interpersonal skills, and proven leadership, Nathan consistently contributes to the efficiency and safety of water services operations.

  • Certified level 4 operator in wastewater treatment, water distribution, and wastewater collection with extensive operational experience
  • Demonstrated leadership as WWTP Foreman, enhancing plant operations and personnel training
  • Expertise in emergency services, including Fire Brigade training tailored for industrial settings
  • Strong commitment to health and safety, serving as a representative and SOP developer at WWTP
  • Active involvement in professional associations, contributing to the water and wastewater industry's development
  • Advanced education in occupational health and safety, environmental management, and risk management

Nathan Vis has established himself as a highly skilled engineering technologist in the water and wastewater sector, underpinned by his certifications and specialized training in risk and environmental management. His career trajectory demonstrates a deep commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of water services, from direct operational roles to leadership positions. Nathan’s technical acumen is complemented by his strong interpersonal skills, enabling him to lead teams effectively and communicate well with all stakeholders.

Nathan’s tenure as a WWTP Foreman showcases his ability to manage day-to-day operations and contribute significantly to capital upgrades, highlighting his adeptness at improving efficiencies and addressing areas for improvement. His proactive approach to safety and process optimization, particularly through the development and updating of standard operating practices, underscores his dedication to maintaining high standards of health and safety within the workplace.

His experience extends beyond municipal settings to include roles within the Department of National Defense and the private sector, where Nathan was responsible for providing safe drinking water and maintaining water treatment systems in challenging and remote environments. These roles have honed his ability to remain composed and effective under pressure, a crucial skill for managing emergency situations and ensuring uninterrupted water service.

Nathan’s educational background, including diplomas and certificates from the University of Calgary, Niagara College, and Sault College Canada, reflects his continuous pursuit of professional development. These academic achievements, coupled with his professional certifications in water treatment, distribution, and wastewater management, solidify his expertise in the field.

Moreover, Nathan’s active involvement in professional associations, such as the Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA) Operator Certification and Advisory Committee and the Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association (AWWOA), where he serves on the Executive Board of Directors, demonstrates his commitment to the advancement of the water and wastewater industry. His participation in these associations not only allows him to stay abreast of industry developments but also to contribute to the professional growth and standard setting within the field.

Nathan Vis exemplifies a blend of technical proficiency, leadership, and a commitment to safety and environmental stewardship. His broad experience, from operational tasks to strategic management and emergency services, positions him as a valuable asset to any organization focused on water and wastewater management. Through his continuous professional development and involvement in key industry associations, Nathan remains at the forefront of his field, ready to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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