Office Administrator

Raymundo Arias

Versatile professional with a background in business administration and extensive experience in workforce management, administrative duties, public relations, and emergency management, underpinned by a strong educational foundation and proven adaptability across various operational roles

Raymundo Arias is an experienced professional with a comprehensive skill set in workforce management, administrative supervision, public relations, human resources, supply chain supervision, and customer service. His expertise is grounded in a significant history within the environmental services industry, demonstrating a capacity for handling diverse operational challenges.

Raymundo has a B.Sc. in Business Administration, specializing in Business Management, from Colegio de San Juan de Letran in the Philippines and is currently completing a HR Management a diploma course at Red River College. This educational background provides him with a strong foundation in business operations and management principles.

In his recent role, Raymundo processes legal and administrative documents, creates and manage tracking systems for various departmental needs, and provides critical support for the operations of a municipal enforcement unit. His responsibilities include the processing of by-law violation notices, penalty notices, and managing communications with citizens regarding fee waiver applications and decisions.

Previously, Raymundo held a position where he was involved in workforce management, specifically in scheduling and intraday performance analysis. He was responsible for analyzing staffing needs, processing schedule requests, managing workforce software, and ensuring the accurate maintenance of employee information. His role required proficiency in administrative assistance, document management, and the use of workforce management tools.

Raymundo's experience extends to technical support, where he provided customer service and technical assistance, showcasing his ability to develop solutions and support customers effectively.

Before these roles, Raymundo managed office operations and served as an administrative supervisor and public relations manager for an emergency response company in United Arab Emirates. He was involved in emergency response activities to oil spill, hazardous materials (HAZMAT), and fire incidents. This demonstrating his ability to work in high-pressure situations and ensure safety and efficiency in operations. His tasks included office management, document control, logistics coordination during incidents, and participation in safety and quality audits.

Throughout his career, Raymundo has developed skills in operations management, customer service, office management, emergency management, risk assessment, and safety management systems. His professional journey illustrates a consistent ability to adapt to various operational roles and contribute effectively to organizational goals.

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