Thijs Christiaan van Son, Ph.D.

Passionate water enthusiast with a transition to international development, Thijs merges analytical prowess with ecological insight.

Thijs Christian van Son is a dedicated water advocate and researcher with a passion for international development. He possesses a unique blend of analytical acumen, ecological expertise, and a fervent commitment to addressing global challenges, particularly within the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector.

  • Water quality monitoring expertise
  • Global Biodiversity Framework involvement
  • Statistical and geospatial analysis proficiency
  • Founder and CEO of Ecofluent
  • Strong collaboration with academic and research institutions
  • Extensive experience in marine ecology and biodiversity conservation

Thijs Christian van Son's journey reflects a deep-seated commitment to understanding and safeguarding the world's water resources. With a foundation rooted in marine sciences and ecology, Thijs has seamlessly transitioned his expertise into the realm of international development, driven by a desire to effect tangible change within the WASH sector.

His tenure at Ramboll Norway, as an Environmental Consultant, underscores his adeptness in water quality monitoring and his active engagement with global initiatives such as the Biodiversity Framework and Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures - Locate, Evaluate, Assess and Prepare (TNFD-LEAP). This role has honed his analytical capabilities, allowing him to contribute meaningfully to the scientific discourse surrounding environmental sustainability.

As the Founder and CEO of Ecofluent, Thijs has demonstrated visionary leadership, spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering resilience in the face of climate change and promoting sustainable water resource management. Through strategic collaborations with esteemed institutions like the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, he has facilitated interdisciplinary dialogue and leveraged collective expertise to address multifaceted challenges.

Thijs's academic journey, from his doctoral studies in Marine Ecology at the University of Oslo to specialized training in integrated water resources management and biodiversity conservation, reflects his unwavering pursuit of knowledge and innovation. His participation in programs such as the WASH Systems Academy and Cap-Net's training on climate resilience underscores his commitment to staying abreast of emerging methodologies and best practices in the field.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Thijs remains deeply engaged in the geospatial community, serving as a board member for QGIS Norge and actively contributing to advancements in mapping and visualization techniques. His multifaceted skill set, encompassing statistical analysis, geoinformation technologies, and participatory GIS, positions him as a versatile and resourceful leader in the pursuit of sustainable development goals.

Thijs Christian van Son embodies the intersection of scientific rigor, environmental stewardship, and humanitarian advocacy. With a fervent dedication to leveraging his expertise for the betterment of society, he stands poised to make a meaningful impact on the global stage, advancing the cause of water security and equitable access to sanitation and hygiene services for all.

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