Owner of Jago Services Inc.

Wilf Wilcox

Committed advocate for local development and a director of the Kitikmeot Chamber of Commerce dedicated to community and business advancement in the Arctic region.

Professional tradesman and business owner with over 13 years of experience with the Government of the Northwest Territories, now leading his company, Jago Services, in critical mechanical and electrical projects across Nunavut. His commitment extends beyond business as he actively participates in the Kitikmeot Chamber of Commerce, demonstrating his profound dedication to the development and prosperity of Nunavut through his advocacy for community and business advancement in the Arctic region.

  • Owner of Jago Services, specializing in mechanical and electrical work
  • 13+ years as a plumber with the Government of the Northwest Territories
  • Holds a diploma in Business Administration
  • Led projects like Umingmak Lodge and runway lights at Cambridge Bay
  • Director, Kitikmeot Chamber of Commerce
  • Committed to local development in Nunavut

Wilf Wilcox, the owner of Jago Services Inc., stands out as a seasoned professional with a profound commitment to fostering local development in Nunavut, particularly through mechanical and electrical work. His journey in the industry began with over 13 years of experience as a plumber for the Government of the Northwest Territories, where he not only honed his technical skills but also developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the Arctic regions.

Wilcox’s expertise is complemented by his academic credentials, holding a diploma in Business Administration. This educational background has equipped him with the managerial and strategic planning skills necessary to navigate the complexities of running a business in Nunavut’s dynamic and sometimes challenging environment.

Under his leadership, Jago Services has successfully executed a number of significant projects, including the development and maintenance of Umingmak Lodge and the installation of runway lights at the Cambridge Bay airport. These projects not only demonstrate Wilcox’s ability to lead and manage complex mechanical and electrical projects but also his dedication to enhancing the infrastructure and living conditions in the communities Jago Services serves.

In addition to his role at Jago Services, Wilcox contributes to the broader business community as a Director of the Kitikmeot Chamber of Commerce (KCC). The KCC, despite being a relatively new entity, benefits from a board that collectively boasts over a century of business experience in Nunavut and the Arctic. This organization plays a crucial role in advocating for the business community at all levels of government, promoting innovative ideas, and proposing practical solutions for small businesses. Wilcox’s involvement with the KCC underscores his commitment to not only his own company’s success but also the prosperity and development of the Kitikmeot region’s broader business landscape.

Wilcox’s dedication to local development in Nunavut, combined with his extensive experience in mechanical and electrical contracting and his proactive involvement in the Kitikmeot Chamber of Commerce, positions him as a key figure in the region’s ongoing growth and development. His work reflects a deep-seated belief in the potential of Nunavut and its communities, driven by a desire to contribute positively to the area he calls home.

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