Senior Water / Wastewater Professional

Robin J. McLean

Robin J. McLean is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of dedicated service in the water and wastewater treatment industry, offering a rich blend of technical expertise, leadership, and innovative problem-solving abilities.

Robin J. McLean boasts an extensive background in water and wastewater treatment, demonstrating significant contributions to major projects and operational improvements across BC and Alberta. His expertise encompasses project management, strategic planning, and the enhancement of operational standards and safety protocols.

• Led startup and commissioning of major Canadian water treatment plants.

• Developed SOPs and LO procedures, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

• First in BC to achieve dual WT IV/WWT IV certification.

• Provided critical operational support for the 2010 Olympics water treatment needs.

• Advocated for innovative solutions through collaboration with diverse professional teams.

• Volunteered as SME group with the EOCP, the Valve Standards Committee with the AWWA contributing to industry standards, and the AWWA Workforce Strategies Committee contributing to workforce development.

Robin J. McLean possesses over 25 years of expertise in water and wastewater treatment, underscored by a comprehensive education and rich professional background. His career highlights include pivotal roles in the startup, commissioning, and operational enhancement of significant water treatment projects across BC and Alberta. Robin's direct involvement in the development of the Secondary Process at the Annacis Island WWTP and the Seymour Capilano Filtration Plant—Canada's largest direct filtration water treatment plant by the 2010 Olympics—demonstrates his capacity to oversee complex projects from inception to operational status. Further, his oversight of the UV Disinfection upgrade at the Coquitlam Water Treatment Plant showcases his adeptness in implementing advanced treatment technologies.

Robin's strategic vision to optimize Metro Vancouver's water and wastewater systems leveraged his deep understanding of treatment facilities, transmission systems, and source water configurations. His collaborative approach with municipalities, boards, and external agencies fostered strong partnerships, essential for the region's future water needs. Robin sets high standards for professionalism and ethics in his work, emphasizing teamwork, mentoring, and the importance of open communication to drive innovative solutions and efficient operations.

Robin focuses on providing operational support and consulting services to water/wastewater treatment plants and engineering firms. He offers expertise in reviewing process specifications, developing standard operating procedures, and producing process overview drawings. His contributions as a volunteer and member of professional committees further illustrate his commitment to the industry and his capacity to bridge operational insights with strategic workforce and standards development.

Robin's educational foundation includes a Water Engineering Technologist diploma from Okanagan University College, alongside certifications in Power Engineering and Business Systems. His professional designations have included Applied Sciences Technologist in Environmental and dual certification as a Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator IV by EOCP, marking him as the first in British Columbia to achieve this distinction. His career trajectory spans roles from operator to consultant, demonstrating a versatile skill set in project management, budgeting, and team leadership. Through roles at Epcor, Metro Vancouver facilities, and as a consultant for the City of White Rock, Robin has cemented his reputation as a leader capable of enhancing operational excellence and safety within the water treatment sector.

Featured Projects

Seymour-Capilano Filtration Plant (SCFP)

Managed Canada's largest direct filtration water treatment facility from July 2015 to May 2019. Oversaw a team of 25 and a $9M budget, and significantly contributed to operational and strategic water treatment practices in Metro Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver

City of White Rock SOP Program

Assisted the City of White Rock in developing their water program by creating SOPs and LO procedures, provided daily remote process monitoring, troubleshooting support, and consultations for operational staff, demonstrating a blend of hands-on and remote management strategies.

City of White Rock

Fairbanks, AK Utility System

Advisor in a due diligence inspection group for the potential acquisition of utility systems in Fairbanks, Alaska, focusing on evaluating the PM Program to assess its strengths, areas for improvement, and alignment with industry standards.

PMP for French Creek Pollution Control Centre

Contributed to developing the PM Program for the Regional District of Nanaimo's French Creek Pollution Control Centre in Parksville

Regional District of Nanaimo

Albian Sands Refinery Camp

Provided on-site operational support at refinery camp in Alberta, optimizing water operations for efficiency and environmental compliance, integrating treatment solutions, developing operational protocols, and offering hands-on technical guidance and troubleshooting.

De Beers Victor Mine

Provided on-site vacation coverage, conducting regular operations, overseeing water quality, and controlling treatment processes to align with the camp's operational demands and regulatory compliance.

Remote Camps
De Beers

William Head WWTP

Almaquin to operate Class 3 WWTP at William Head, mentoring inmates for wastewater careers.

Correctional Service Canada